Wednesday, August 25, 2010

36 Craft Cards - $2

This listing is for a total of 36 craft cards

Cost $2

January thru June cards - Tops and Bottoms
You can see the complete June card in the bottom of the first photo and January of the top of the 2nd photo

July thru December cards

22 additional cards

These photos refuse to line up well - but I think you can see the sets well enough

The last 2 photos are just of the bottoms of these cards - they are similar to the above sets. With the same lines and coordinating picture at the top of each card

These cards measure 4.5 x 7 in and are perfect for dividing your photos while organizing them by month or event to plan scrapbook pages. They can also be coordinated with your themes and used in your actual scrapbook pages as a place to put your text.

Please leave a comment on how to reach you
or leave a voice message at (828) 230-5970

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